The FrugalMinimalist

When I was in my early twenties, I thought I needed more stuff to make me happy. I was shopping almost every day for the next thing that was going to make me happy and excited. Whether it was a pair of shoes, a new dress, more makeup, more of anything, I just couldn’t get enough. But then I realized that all of this was not making me happy, rather it was making me unhappy by causing me anxiety since most of the things I bought I purchased with a credit card.  And I also realized that by constantly shopping I was trying to fill a hole caused by the lack of real and meaningful relationships  with other people. So I stopped buying things. But I still had a lot of stuff. And then one day I stumbled upon the blog of The Minimalists.

It changed my life, because it was just what I needed. I already felt like having a lot of stuff was giving me anxiety, but I didn’t realize that getting rid of  material things and focusing more on the things that truly matter was going to help me. And don’t get me wrong, minimalism is NOT for everyone. But I do believe that we can all benefit from simplifying our lives and by focusing more on living a more intentional, meaningful life with a purpose.

In this section I will talk about how I incorporate minimalism into my life: from having a minimalistic wardrobe, minimalistic diet, to a minimalistic apartment and pantry, etc.   I hope that you find this helpful as you figure out what living a meaningful life means for you. I would love to hear your tips and suggestions to living a more meaningful life as well.