Birthday Freebies around DFW

Birthday Freebies

My birthday was this past weekend and I celebrated the last year of my twenties in beautiful Sonoma Valley with my boyfriend and his family. I am looking forward to another year of my  life and plan to make it the best year of my twenties. 🙂 As it was getting closer to my birthday I started receiving postcards and emails from different businesses with free stuff on my birthday. One of the goals for this blog is to share my tips and tricks on saving money and being smart with it. I  decided to share the top 10 of my favorite freebies I got for my birthday this year. They are also pretty healthy if you ask me.

  1. We Yogis is one of my favorite yoga studios in Dallas. They  give you a free yoga class on your birthday, and you don’t have to use it the same day.
  2. Corepower yoga sends you a free yoga class on your birthday as well! These two yoga gifts were a great way for me to stay healthy and grounded around my birthday weekend.
  3. Exhale Dallas sent me a 50% off coupon for a therapy. I love massages but they are expensive, so it’s not something I do regularly. This was a great opportunity to treat myself to some relaxation time without breaking the bank. My boyfriend was  so sweet  and got my massage for me with this promo so I got extra lucky.
  4. Sephora’s beauty inside members get a free gift on their birthdays. I couldn’t pass a little makeup gift, since I don’t buy  a lot of makeup so I’m a beauty insider.
  5. I love good food! So I was super excited to get an email from True Food Kitchen with a free dessert on my birthday (with a purchase of an entrée). I love their food! They have vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free options locally sourced. The food is so healthy that I don’t even feel bad about having a dessert, especially since it’s free.
  6. I also have a sweet tooth in general. What could be better  to satisfy it than a FREE Sprinkles cupcake. They don’t use anything artificial and now have a vegan cupcake 🙂
  7. Starbucks is my last resort coffee shop choice at this point since I prefer small local coffee shops. However,I still like the freebie birthday drink or treat I get every year since I have signed up for their rewards program a long time ago.
  8. Benihana gives you a $30 certificate during the month of your birthday after signing up for their rewards. I mean who doesn’t like their  teppanyaki food prepared right in front of them with $30 off their bill?
  9. Red Mango. If you like frozen yogurt this is a great healthy snack you can get free on your birthday.
  10. Zoes kitchen has plenty of healthy lunch options and has my favorite cole slaw in town. You get a free entrée on your birthday. Woo Hooooo!

Keep in mind that to get these birthday freebies you must sign up for the rewards program with these companies. I usually have a special email address for this kind of stuff since marketing emails throughout the year are inevitable. For a full list of Birthday food freebies around DFW visit Favorite Candle. For an even more extensive list of food places offering free birthday gifts visit Hey,It’s FreeIf you want to find out about birthday freebies that are not food related, I found this great list at All You.

If you have cool promotions you received on your birthday feel free to share in the comments sections. Those who know me, know that I love free stuff.

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