Working On Goals Despite Our Feelings

Behavior Despite The Feeling

It is really hard to do things sometimes even when we know we should and even when they are good for us. I’m sure we’ve all been there. I know I have. Whether it comes to diet, productivity, exercise or financial goals we sometimes set goals and plans but don’t follow through with them.Because we are all imperfect beings and we make mistakes, sometimes we fall off track from our goals and do things that contradict them. I know this is true, because I can think of so many things I wanted to do and then later didn’t follow through with my plans. For example:

  • I have started this blog once before, last year. I didn’t put the effort in it that I wanted to get it to where I wanted. I knew I should post something, but I kept putting it off. At first I didn’t do it because I felt uninspired, insecure, unsure of myself, discouraged, weak and a bunch of other emotions for various reasons. And then I made an excuse of not having enough time. Both of these were bad excuses because there is never enough time, we have to make time. And we will always have situations that may affect how we feel, but that’s just our feeling.So this is my effort number two and so far I’m happy with where it’s going.
  • I said I was going to do yoga instead of high intensity cardio because I knew it was good for me two years ago. I finally did it a few months ago and now I love it.
  • I said I was going to learn Spanish when I finished undergraduate school. I finally started learning it a few months ago, and I am now done with Grad School.

There are other things but I don’t want to make this post too long. 🙂 Throughout all these “failures” I realized that sometimes it’s ok to start over and try again. Sometimes the timing is not right and we are not quite ready for a change. However, there are times when we have to just suck it up and do it. Whatever the goal is, I realized that if I’m going to write about managing money, getting out of debt, self-improvement or anything else that requires discipline, I must first acknowledge that I struggle with this as well. I’m not perfect and sometimes I don’t follow through with what I said I would. But I’m learning to keep going even when “I don’t feel like it”, learning how not to base my decisions on my feelings, but instead base them on my goals and values. It is not easy, but totally worth it in my opinion.

Another important lesson I’ve learned when it comes to sticking to goals and commitments is setting  “SMART” goals. If you haven’t heard SMART goals are: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Result-Oriented and Trackable. I’ve learned that these kind of goals apply to everything from losing weight to saving money.  I want to learn Spanish is a great goal but not a SMART one. My new goal is: I want to have a basic conversational knowledge of Spanish by the end of this year is a “smarter” goal because it fits each of those definitions. Acting based on the goals we want to achieve is another part. To Sum it up here are a few things I’d like to point out as takeaways: “” target=”_blank”

Personal finance

  • Yes, saving money and sacrificing our pleasures and habits temporarily for a long-term goal is hard. It’s a lot easier to just stay where we are. But what I’ve learned while I was getting my MBA DEBT FREE, is that the prize is worth the sacrifice when we want something bad enough.


  • “Behavior despite the feeling” My therapist told me this several years ago ( yes I have a therapist, I will write about this as well) and I will never forget this saying. I have to remind it myself at times when I don’t “feel” like doing something I’ve committed to. While we are entitled to feel the way we do, we are responsible for our actions, and acting based on a feeling can become a stumbling block on a road to reach our goals
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you feel like you’re off track, or like you’re not making progress. Realizing that we are off track by being aware and being kind and compassionate to ourselves is key to getting back on track.
  • There will always be temptations and some are easier to resist than others, but the key is to realize that we are the greatest decision-makers and no one makes the decisions in our lives except us. Knowing we have choices and alternatives is helpful in staying motivated to keep trying.

So,  please do not to give up when things get hard and to find support, because there are probably other people who go through similar experiences and challenges. Sometimes it’s easier to work on something when we know that other people have done it before and that it is possible. If I didn’t  find support and encouragement in my life from others, I honestly don’t know where I’d be now.


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