My 30 Before 30 To-Do List


So I wrote a giant to-do list for myself a year ago. And now I have one month left before I turn 30. So I wanted to see how I’m doing and what I have left. I realized that some of my goals were kind of like New Year’s Resolutions that don’t work.  I have started this on July 18th, 2016 and it will end on August 27th, 2017.

Learning (2/6):

  • Learn the basics of HTML/CSS ( registered for a course starting in September)
  • Learn one of the Ballroom Dances (Tango or Salsa) I have taken a class, would not go as far as saying I’ve learned it 🙂
  • Learn another language (At least to get around) ( I am 25% fluent in Spanish according to Duolingo)
  • Take an Acting Class ( Completed September 2016-Improv)
  • Take a cooking class and master a new dish ( Vegan Banana Bread)
  • Learn a new piece on piano (Chopin: Nocturne op. 9 No 1)

Personal Development/Growth:

  • Read 29 new books (Unfinished Business, The Light Between Oceans,  The Good Girl, All The Light We Cannot See, Hardball For Women, The Nightingale, The Big Sort, Communist Manifesto, The Making of Donald Trump, Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change The World)
  • Rebuild my 6-month Emergency Fund
  • Unplug from all electronics for the weekend
  • Help a stranger ( I actually do this every day)
  • Go for one month without spending any money (except for food and basic necessities)
  • Complete a 30-day photo project
  • Have something I wrote published ( I haven’t written enough to get this done maybe before I turn 40 hehe)
  • Participate in a March (Women’s March in Dallas January 21, 2017)
  • Go completely vegan (Vegan as of October 2016)
  • Go without drinking any alcohol for 1 month ( wow I literally have one month left for this, perhaps I can do drinking just one day a week lol)


  • Try Surfing (TBD)
  • Get scuba certified (TBD)
  • Learn how to do a handstand ( Because of my broken wrist I opted for a forearm balance instead)
  • Go whitewater rafting ( Was supposed to happen in Colorado in August, but is now rescheduled)
  • Walk a half marathon ( 14.7 miles in Barcelona 2016)
  • See a new great band in concert that I haven’t seen in the past: ( Completed at ACL October 2016: Radiohead, Mumford and Sons, Andrew Bird, Bob Moses, Mike Snow,  M83)
  • Finish decorating my apartment and give away excess/old stuff ( Participated in April’s Minimalist game and got rid of 469 items)
  • Stay up all night and watch both the sunset and the sunrise ( Thailand, April 2017)


  • Travel to a new continent or visit a new country (Spain 2016 and Thailand 2017)
  • Visit a new State ( Arkansas)
  • Take a spontaneous last-minute trip somewhere (Arkansas for 4th of July)